3M AR-100 Anti-Rust Lubricant Aerosal (266ml)


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3M AR-100 Anti-Rust Lubricant has five integrated functions : anti-rust, loosens rust, lubricates, cleans and displaces moisture. It is non-animal fat and non-silicon based product. 3M AR-100 Anti-Rust Lubricant has anti-corrosion properties and can be used for the maintenance of mechanical & electrical apparatus or vehicles. It protects electrical equipment against corrosion, lubricates and protects metallic surfaces to extend equipment service life.
It also eliminates or decreases noise caused by rusting and quickly removes crayon, grease, oil pollution and adhesive traces. 3M AR-100 Anti-Rust Lubricant is the perfect protective agent for daily maintenance of live equipment, traffic equipment or large military use.
– Surface Tolerant
– Inhibits Rust
– Loosens Rusted Parts
– Reduces and Silences Squeaks
– Displacing Moisture
– Cleans, Lubricates and Protects Metal Surfaces


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